Sunday, January 22, 2012


(Revised 1/23/2012)  Greetings, my fellow Toothless Zombie Hunter Squad members, General EYEGORE here with some very important news.  The TOOTHLESS ZOMBIE SQUAD "HIGHWAY TO HELL" PROJECT build is on (and moving along at a good pace), and I need your help.  Here's a wonderful way of having fun and enjoying the hobby.  Won't you join in?

In case you don't know, early this month I started a community build over at MODEL CAR MAGAZINE FORUM ( to build a new CARAVAN of Post Apocalytic vehicles.  The Toothless Zombie Hunter Squad is STRONG.  Everyone is welcomed to join in and have fun participating.  You are only restricted by your imagination.  And part of the fun will be for you to mail in (more on how to package your model well later) to the Lab-RAT-ory for pictures and videos and to join the CARAVAN.

Now, over in the Lab-RAT-ory, Doctor Cranky, EYEGORE, and the CREW, are building a huge Post Apocalypse diorama (a Zombie infested highway?) to display (and photograph) all the models in the CARAVAN.  Yes, you will be able to (if you so desire, it is not mandatory) mail your build to Doctor Cranky and once he has all the builds in, he will create a Post Apocalyptic scenes with EVERYONE's work!  Unfortunately, because of costs, customs forms, and other hassles, only folks in the United States will be able to mail in contributions.  Besides, Doctor Cranky doesn't want to be responsible for lost or damaged models coming from abroad.  For those of you who want to participate you can do so by donating a small bit or part and sending it over to be added permanently to the HHD (Highway to Hell Diorama!).

I am also inviting everyone to send in props for the diorama:  ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF.
For example:

           (Japanese or late American model cars)
     *  Pieces of junk, trash, tires, beer cans, boxes . . .
     *  burned out barrels or 55 gallon fuel drums
     *  barricades, including wood, tires, barbed wire,
     *  anything and everything could be used.

Again, you are only limited by your imagination.  If you are thinking of sending in road-damaged vehicles and are hesitant to paint them, send them over and I can paint them here and use them as props.  The idea is to make the HHD as uniform and convincing and realistic as possible.  Then the fun of photographing and making videos can begin.

There's plenty of time.  I am thinking of the deadline for your builds to start coming in should be around the 1st of August, this way everything can be photographed before the year (and world) comes to an end.

I will have more comments up in a video shortly.  Please stay tuned in for more details.  Also, if you have questions or comments, you can post them here or over at MODEL CAR MAGAZINE FORUM, or at the Lab-RAT-ory YOUTUBE Channel.  Please, stay tuned in, more fun just around the corner.  Over and out, General EYEGORE!


  1. Awesome! Since we have near a year to comlete, I've decided to build a platoon of these vehicles of destruction. I love the idea of having my work photographed. I will stay tuned in for the rest of the details. You and the General Rock!

  2. Thanks, Ron. Enjoy the fun and stay tuned in for more action!

  3. Good Morning DC and General...Well since I got the fever, again...STYRENE...I take a quick shot every morning now..this is addictive...This is going to be a good Build for everyone....The also coming along very nicely...keep up the FANTASTIC Work...and the Videos..I also heard thru the Grapevine...the General might take over as Acting General of the.."Delta-Force"...these Builds are getting started just in the Nick-of-Time..

  4. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the FEVER runs high with these builds. They are a blast to do and I hope more folks will participate. Join the CARAVAN. Stay tuned in for more progress on the HHD. Cheers, DC

  5. Where do I send projects or donations to the TZH and HHD? Also do you use a different styrene then the rest of us. I can't keep up, LOL.