Sunday, January 15, 2012

SUNDAY'S PROGRESS (Day 2)--THE ZONE, or builder's pocket as Doctor Cranky likes to call it, that place between the imagination and your hands when both start turning, making an idea come ALIVE!  It's ALIVE, EYEGORE, it's ALIVE!  The addiction for any type of build is really the connection between your imagination and the way your hand-eye coordination execute whatever ideas you are transmitting.  Of course, tools help, but those are like the keys on a keyboard, they only help with continuity and flow.  When you are working on a miniature world, the REAL world falls away.  And I think this is the place for me.  I've always been distrustful of reality, of situations that are often not comfortable, meeting people, doing things I don't want to do, etc . . . the point is that building models releases the spirit to roam free in the world of the imagination.  It's a much happier place than reality.

So, we are talking here about machines that are or could never bet (not yet, anyway), truly functional.  One sacrifices function for  WILD and OUT THERE.  It's what makes Post-Apocalypse models so cool.  No, nobody knows how the world will truly end, and most of us won't be around to witness it anyway, but it's fun to visualized, to pretend, to fight against the fact that the world DOES END for all of us.  Sure, not a cheerful subject but when you turn 50, you know it's now on your radar screen.

One day at a time, one moment at a time, and the idea is to make the moments last.  Pleasure and joy are hard to come by in this world, this life, but ROUTINE will set you free.  Establishing a good, dependable work habit, if you are serious about building, is one of the best things you can do.  This is true for any goal you set, or want to achieve.  So I was being lazy at the start of the month, now I am going at break-neck speed to try to build this model in 3 days.  72 hours.  That gets the blood pumping.  Adrenalin flowing.  Oh yeah, and there's nothing better.  The basic components of the body are done, and this morning I will shoot primer and then turn my attention to the chassis.  The work will continue now in tandem with other parts of the build.  I have to get some paint on it by the end of the day in order to focus on finishing tomorrow.  It's going to be another long day, but what a pleasure it is to greet the coming sun  with a good cup of coffee and a model on the stand.  It's gloriously fun to be ALIVE with it!

Please stay tuned in!


  1. You couldn't just do an out of the box build huh? You certainly are challenging yourself for just a 3 day build. You are right about the good work habit. I'm good at that at work but not here at home. Which explains why I never get any models built. Much easier sitting here watching others do it. That said, I am slowly working on a 32 3 window pretty much box stock. Hope to have at least 1 finished to go to NNL East.
    Keep up the good work Doc!

    Peter 31 a eh?

    1. Discipline and dedication with a touch of MADNESS thrown in for good measure. You can do it, Peter. And a 32 is a great way to keep going. I've built so many of them just to get me out of slumps. Thanks for commenting and participating in the LOUNGE. I really appreciate it. Cheers, DC