Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been a few weeks since I've posted something new.  I've wanted to give the TZH SQUAD enough time to catch on and it has.  Over 120 builders from all over the world, but mainly Canada and the United States.  We're having a blast, and we still have lots of time left.  Lots of fun time left indeed.  Doctor Cranky and EYEGORE are very proud.  You can catch up on everyones' builds by simply looking at all the PROGRESS UPDATE videos over in the Lab-RAT-ory CHANNEL.  I am amazed by the variety of the builds and the energy summoned by all the builders . . . GREAT WORK!

After building two TZH Vehicles, I turned my attention to getting some shiny (glossy) builds, including a few from last year that I was dying to finish.  A few phantom gassers.  To the rescue once again came Revell with two great kits (among my all time favorites):  the 41 Willys (Gasser) and the Shelby Cobra (Street Machine.)  They both build up nice and I think it has something to do with those curves.  I just love them.

Also, have been putting a few of my custom decals on some of these builds.  The DOCTOR CRANKY DECALS LINE is about to come on the scene.  Stay tuned in for more information on that.  They will mainly be some super-duper decal graphics that you will be able to download directly to your computer and use your printer and decal paper and print up your own!  However many you need.

The Lab-RAT-ory is OPEN and in FULL SWING this march.  Hope you will visit, hang out, and please remember to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, ASK QUESTIONS, and HELP SPREAD the word.  THANK YOU ALL, CRANKYHEADS.