Sunday, July 8, 2012


Why seek friendships with creative types?  Well, for me, it's simple.  I feed off the energy.  I thrive on watching others build things, create things.  From mind to paper, canvas, 3-D models--whatever it takes to get the imagination crank-started.  Of course, vacations and time to recharge are just as important, but I would never give up the chance to watch over someone's shoulder as they work on a new project.  This is why and how the internet (YOUTUBE, Facebook, et al) have revolutionize the way artists interact and exchange ideas.

In short, it's a great time to be a big fan of those who create!  Be a part of your community.  If you see work you like and admire, let the artist/builder know you appreciate their hard work.  This way it gets to be a larger world of influence and delight.