Saturday, January 14, 2012

SATURDAY PROGRESS--Deep into the first 24 hours.  I tried to work through the night, but I only made it until about 2am.  The body and bones are getting old, and the mind needs its rest.  Got up early and have started to make progress.

When you are doing a build like this, it's important to have a deep parts box.  I have one, and it's pretty deep.  Lots of 1/35th scale military sprues, lots of Warhamer 40K, lots of bits from all over the place, including the hardware store.  Lots of BIONICLE toy parts which I love and I got a big supply during a family member's garage cleaning which is what happens when the kids go off to college.  Anyway, the fun has begun. I am deep into the build, and what I love about this type of build is that it's supposed to be NO STRESS, although I set up the 72 hour deadline just to make myself hustle and DO SOMETHING, finally!  Build something, finally.  I am very happy with some of the way this one is turning out.  It makes me laugh because, after all, it is still a GREMLIN.  One of the ugliest cars every to come out of Detroit.  I'm sure there are uglier, but this one is at the top of my list.  The kit has it's problems, but again this type of build you work around the edges, cut corners, etc . . .

This is where I was around 7am this morning, already visualizing some of how this build is going to look. The mesh is always handy.  I don't think I want to do much to the interior, and that's fine.  This sucker is going to be a curbside model.  This is all about the killer "look" when it comes to Post-Apocalyse.  Anyway, there will be more progress in the coming hours and certainly by tomorrow I plan on getting some more done.

This thing is UGLY, but I believe the paint will bring it all together.  I hope that's the case.  I always hold my breath and then it all works out.  I am also making a video log of where I am at every stage.  It's a lot of juggling, but someone's got to have fun in the Lab-RAT-ory, and it ain't EYEGORE.

LOL!  Cheers!

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