Friday, February 8, 2013


CRANKYHEAD NATION!  Are you READY?  STYRENE STARS is HOT OFF THE PRESS.  Order your copy today, don't delay, and it has just been reported that EYEGORE--depending on his mood and disposition--might add his special signature to a very few select copies.  So YES, if you purchase a copy of STYRENE STARS, of course Doctor Cranky will personalize it and sign it for you, but the EXTRA TRULY SPECIAL TREAT is that EYEGORE will sign a few copies, just enough for it to be an ultra rare occasion and a legitimate collector's item.

You will be surprised then if you open your book find Doctor Cranky's sig. (a treat in itself, we don't want to offend our Good Doctor!) but you might get lucky and find EYEGORE's now-infamous RED PAW PRINT SIGNATURE!  Good luck, and order soon, and order often.  There are no limits on how many copies you can order.  AHW-HOOGA!


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