Sunday, November 4, 2012


Greetings, Crankyheads.  Another year is almost shot, as my father would say.  First Sunday in November and it's still hot here in Florida.  I have stopped paying attention to time and to the weather.  Yeah, right!  It's impossible.  When you least expected, here comes the time change, which I've never liked or found useful in any way shape or form.  I think once you cross 50, time is really how  you spend your day.  Mine?  I get up early, get some writing done, read for inspiration or simply sit out in the sun for a while, warm up and then hit the work shop for the day's work.   Happy Daylight Savings time, says my wife.  Arrgh!

I am preparing to attend the ACME/SOUTHERN NATIONALS for the first time.  I am very excited indeed for I've always heard and known lots of great model builders gather there to exchange glimpses of their eye candy.

If you are going, please make sure you stop by and say hello.  Unfortunately, EYEGORE will not be there this year.

Enjoy the time you've been given, enjoy the weather, enjoy your LIFE!


  1. Great advice Dr Cranky! Although I would rather have your temps than our below freezing ones.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Peter. Hope the weather will treat you better. Stay tuned in. Cheers, DC

  2. Think you could send some of you sun shine up our way?