Saturday, August 18, 2012


I know, I know the summer is not done yet, but I am back at the bench getting some projects finished and some new ones lined up.  Things are going good in the Lab-RAT-ory.  EYEGORE has turned yet another year as a faithful assistant.  He is 20 now.  Just a young whipper snapper.  LOL.  The kit companies continue to produce some great kits.  So many kits, so little time to build them all.

AK-INTERACTIVE in Spain (also in the United States) continues to put out some great quality products, including new airbrush-ready acrylic paints that are going to help take my weathering to the next level.  REVELL is putting out some very cool stuff by way of styrene.  Looking forward to their fall season releases.

If you get a chance (when you get a chance) stop by the Lab-RAT-ory YOUTUBE channel.  Lots of new videos, etc . . .

Please stay tuned in for more STYRENE FUN & ADVENTURES.   Yours, Doctor Cranky

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  1. These keep me coming back to your page. They are soooo funny!