Thursday, May 17, 2012


"BURLESQUE" 49 Merc, another Revell 49 Merc kit built.  I love this kit, and I have built many of them because every time I do, I have so much fun.  I will keep building them because whether you do it shiny or rusty and crusty, you will have a blast.  This one has several great details that really surprised me and delighted me, including the head light tassel pasties, the lace fender skirts, and, of course, when you see the rear, well, that will put a big smile on your face.  This is not the type of ride you bring home to mother.  It's a SUPERFREAK, she's super freaky.  LOL!

The kit fits together like a glove, although in this case I had a little trouble with the windshield fit and the engine, but nothing that can't be resolved before the primer and paint go on . . . the paint is Vallejo acrylics, Tamiya, and the airbrushed was used for the entire paint job.  Bring your dollars.

I am currently finishing up Doctor Cranky's "House of Burlesque" Theater, a place that will serve as a different sort of photo op.  Stay tuned in for more.


  1. cranky this car is sickly cool lol

  2. What an imagination Doc! Like how you used the Speedo on the trunk lid:)